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Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy from Birth to 18 Years

As a parent, it can feel discouraging when your child isn't progressing on the same timeline as their peers. First and foremost, you should know that this is not a reflection of their potential and worth! My job as a speech-language therapist is to give you the tools and resources you need to help your child continue to learn and progress. Not only do I treat clients in the areas of speech and language, I’m also a trained feeding therapist as well. So whether it's feeding therapy at six months or speech therapy at 18 years old, let's help your wonderful child reach their potential!

Meet Susie Thorpe

Susie is a dynamic speech-language pathologist who excels in cultivating and maintaining positive and productive relationships with all educational constituencies including clients, parents, students, administrators, and the community. A reliable and experienced therapist (she holds a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology and has been practicing since 2006), Susie is excited to help your child grow and develop!

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"At a time when we felt uncertain about our daughter’s future, Susie assured us of her potential. While working with Susie, we saw our daughter blossom in all the ways we’d hoped for. Susie has a naturalistic way of engaging with a child that maintains interest in learning and makes it fun, even through the challenges. Susie remained invested in our daughter and tailored sessions to meet her individual needs; her wealth of experience and strategies were all incredibly effective and she even shared tools with us that enabled us to help our daughter at home. Our daughter is a teenager now, and she is doing exceptionally well. She no longer needs therapy, and she excels. We know that Susie played a major role in her success. Her impact on our daughter’s life has been tremendous. Years later, we remain profoundly grateful!"

"Susie's impact on our daughter's life has been tremendous."

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